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The metaverse is poised to break down barriers between different platforms and the real world. But what exactly is the metaverse? Hint: It wasn’t invented by Facebook, and anyone can use it. Here are ways to prepare your company’s marketing strategy for the metaverse.

Your Brand Universe
You and your company have worked hard to create your brand. You have a social media presence across a variety of platforms, you offer loyalty and referral promotions, and you have had a viral hashtag or two. If so, congratulations. You have nailed Social Media Marketing 2.0. Your brand universe is active and has a great following. But are you ready to expand into the metaverse?

Your Brand Universe Without Borders
Think of your brand as its own universe. When someone leaves your site, they enter another universe. There are consumers who engage in multiple universes at a time. They might scroll your site while they are watching Netflix, for example. This individual is the perfect target for the metaverse. They are engaged in multiple universes at the same time. With the assistance of immersive AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality), these consumers can take in information via multiple streams.

You probably remember Google Glass, the eyewear that gave users the opportunity to see streaming information without disengaging from the actual world. Pokeman is another example. These were experimental dips into the possibility of a metaverse.

The metaverse creates an immersive experience by giving clients the chance to try on clothes and apparel, interact with other people in the form of avatars, and use digital forms of currency like NFTS, or non-fungible tokens, to complete transactions. 

Where Your Brand Goes From Here
Your marketing team must be creative and innovative in its approach. Integrating your current marketing strategy into an AR or VR strategy will likely only be effective in the short term. You really need to start from scratch. 

Some questions you might ask: Do your customers already have avatars? Do they interact with your brand in the real world and through mobile devices? A marketing strategy that promotes and educates clients about Web 3.0, NFTs, and the metaverse can become a trusted authority, and that is good marketing.