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Success and happiness are choices. Success, impact, and happiness are all the result of your choices, and they are not the result of randomness. The starting point is to take full responsibility for your life without looking back. Not looking back refers to the importance of removing the negative learning and programming that occurred through our formal education and imposed upon ourselves by families and life experiences. None of this was done intentionally. But it is time to unlearn some of life’s formal training as these may have become barriers instead of fuel for growth. 

Show up period!
People that advance and build a rewarding life are those that decide to show-up. Those are the people that realize that time is finite and want to maximize it. These are people that are not afraid to be wrong. Being prepared to be wrong is a trait of successful and happy people. Those that show up take responsibility for their actions and seek to build positive momentum day in and day out for the achievement of their goals. This momentum is the result of limitless efforts towards their objectives. And the more consistency they put in their effort the more effective they become at dribbling adversities and generating the incremental positive momentum that leads to compound effects.

What does it mean to show up?
You can only build this positive momentum if you are showing up every day and are willing to put in the hard work no matter what. Getting out of bed earlier than others, showing up for the tough meeting with your bankers, and showing up to tell your team that you are not happy with their performance. Showing up means becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable and treating crisis as opportunities. Showing up means also working very hard to build a long lasting partnership with your team, family, and consumer of your product. 

These above are just some of the choices that people that show up face every day. If you deal with these on a consistent basis, you will learn to better manage fear, and reach a higher performance level which has its foundation in problem solving and risk management.  

Insist, Resist and Persist:
Showing up doesn’t just mean showing up for a meeting, it means being committed to a plan, being prepared to put in the hard work, regardless of risk, obstacles, and all the naysaying people. Don’t forget that the biggest detractor is going to be yourself, so learn to limit the distracting noise coming from your brain.  

The truth is successful and happy people don’t just wish for things to happen; they seek what they want with all their determination! They don’t just dream, they pursue fearlessly! In so doing they build small success every day and use mistakes and failures as catalyzers of personal growth.