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An argument will not escalate into a conflict if you choose not to participate in it. Many stressful situations arise from our choices, especially those related to arguments and conflicts. Often, conflicts result from our decision to engage, escalating situations unnecessarily. Whether driven by principles, insecurity, or ego, such choices are detrimental, causing distractions, affecting focus, and impacting our health.

To avoid conflicts, consider employing some tactical actions:

  1. Embrace Silence: Use silence to diffuse tense situations and navigate complex dialogues. Words spoken in the heat of the moment are often regretted and can be used against us.
  2. Avoid Confrontation: Steer clear of unnecessary confrontations; allow the other party to express themselves. Refrain from being overly judgmental during stressful times to preserve the integrity of relationships.
  3. Control Emotional Outbursts: In negotiations, resist emotional outbursts to maintain mental integrity and strategic positioning.


Conclusion: In the words of the highly successful investor Warren Buffett, “If you want to send someone to hell, wait until tomorrow.” The advice from the Oracle of Omaha suggests focusing on actions beneficial to your health and success today, letting go of unnecessary conflicts, especially when you are in the right.

Remember, a conflict will not escalate unless you decide to take part in it.