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Even before you launch your new startup, you should be looking for ways to build excitement around your products. This involves introducing yourself to consumers via the internet and maintaining a recognizable presence. There are many different ways of doing this, and using a few different strategies will help you become more familiar with online users.

Use Social Media to Build Your Brand
As you start your social media accounts, you should begin by joining groups and following pages that address issues that are relevant to your startup. This gives you an opportunity to post comments that will help you establish yourself as an authority. As you do this, other followers of those pages will also follow your page. You can use your own social media pages to share links to your blog posts, further establishing your brand as an authority. Maintaining a consistent presence on social media sites will help you consistently grow recognition with you as an entrepreneur.

Your Website Should Be an Extension of Your Business
Your website should be more than a gateway to your brick-and-mortar business. In fact, website visitors should be able to do almost anything on your site that they would be able to do in your physical business. This includes setting and changing appointments, asking questions about your products, or buying products via an eCommerce store. Your site should also feature a blog. As you write about new topics in each blog post, keep the topics relevant to your industry and business. You should also use a specific keyword phrase in each post to increase traffic from organic searches.

Use a Variety of Digital Marketing Services
While maintaining a website, blog, and social media presence is essential to your digital growth as an entrepreneur, you should also use other digital marketing resources. For example, email marketing is a good way to stay in touch with consumers who are interested in your products or brand. You can also use text message marketing for shorter or more urgent marketing messages. Using a variety of digital marketing services will help you build greater brand recognition while also generating interest in your startup’s products.

Consistency is the key to any successful marketing campaign, so any strategy you try should involve repetition and transparency. By making your brand’s values and philosophy known and repeating those themes in every marketing message, you’ll help consumers get to know your startup’s brand. This breeds the trust and recognition that will drive more consumers to your business.