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As the clock struck midnight on January 31, 2023, ushering in a new year, it’s time for ambitious souls to embark on a transformative journey into 2024. In this pursuit, it becomes imperative to reassess our approach to success, shedding the weight of artificial deadlines that often do little more than stoke anxiety. Let’s be honest to ourselves, most deadlines are self-imposed and irrelevant. I am here also referring to the silly daily deadlines that we create for ourselves without logic. Think about those late-night texts we send expecting instant responses- it’s time to reclaim your peace, toss away the phone, and regain control.

In a world obsessed with ticking clocks and ticking boxes, it’s time to challenge the norm and build a personalized plan that helps you push the needle of your personal masterplan. Deadlines, often looming like ominous clouds, seldom carry the weight of the consequences they threaten to cause. Instead of succumbing to their pressure, redirect your focus towards what truly matters, the elements within your grasp, the realms where you wield absolute control and where impact is likely.

The primary currency of your success is your physical health and your mental fitness. In 2024, make a pact with yourself to invest in your well-being. A sound mind in a healthy body is the foundation upon which success is built. Embrace a lifestyle that nourishes both physical and mental aspects. Consider each nutritious meal, each rejuvenating workout, as an investment in your most valuable asset — yourself. Also prioritize spending time in nature as this is a form of meditation that yields high results. Also, when you spend time in nature, you realize how small we are and how finite time is.

Shift your gaze from the intimidating expanse of long-term goals and start concentrating on the power of daily actions. Aim for the incremental, the 1% improvements that compound over time. These small victories, when aggregated, create a substantial impact. By focusing on the present and committing to continuous improvement, you pave the way for a brighter, more resilient future. My practical example is push ups or planks, I do 100 pushups a day (trust me everyone can do it) in a series of 20 and I push myself to increase the number every day.

Identify the areas where you can push your boundaries, where you can transcend mediocrity and strive for exceptionalism. 2024 is not merely a year; it’s an opportunity to sculpt yourself into a masterpiece. As you grow, so does your capacity to contribute meaningfully to the world. Over the years, I realized that Investing in yourself demands ruthless prioritization. To excel, eliminate the unnecessary noise cluttering your life. Step into the new year with a determination to streamline your focus, identifying what truly matters. Recognize that time spent pleasing everyone is time wasted. In the pursuit of universal approval, you dilute your essence and compromise your vision.

The path to true freedom and happiness lies in a bold declaration of independence from the opinions of others. In 2024, liberate yourself from the shackles of external validation. As you cease to be swayed by the opinions of the crowd, you unearth a potent source of empowerment. The key to unlocking your potential is the unapologetic pursuit of your path.

This newfound freedom is not about rebellion; it’s about embracing authenticity. When you stop caring about what others think, you pave the way for genuine self-expression. Your choices become a manifestation of your true self, untethered from the expectations of society.

Final Thought

When I refer to noise, I point to the endless news of 2023, foretelling a looming recession, global conflict, and unstoppable inflation, the high cost of capital and the unprecedented cost of energy. Just as a matter of background, at the end of December 2023 Oil was below $70 dollars, while most analysts and banks had predicted oil at $120 dollars. Most of these estimates have proven wrong and overly pessimistic, grounded in projected risks and perpetuating the business status quo. Such news attempts to influence our behavior and sell us unnecessary anxiety. Read my article on the Power of Bad to learn how people can benefit from “manipulating bad” to their advantage.

This year, silence this mostly irrelevant noise, unburden yourself from the need for approval and construct a plan, adhere to it, and be patient as results will manifest themselves in the long run. Continue to invest in yourself, cultivating the most valuable asset you possess, a version of you that is resilient, authentic, and destined for greatness.

General Napoleon Bonaparte was known for instructing his top Generals to bring him the most urgent letters only three weeks after receiving them, as by then, most issues would have resolved themselves. In doing so, the General limited the information that reached his brain, emphasizing the importance of discernment in managing information overload.