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Andrea Zanon


Throughout Andrea Zanon’s career history, he’s consistently demonstrated his leadership abilities in several executive and founder roles.

Andrea Zanon is a skilled entrepreneur who – across his career spanning 25 years – has gained experience and expertise in multiple areas around the world. His professional knowledge includes areas like strategy, business development, risk management, sustained growth, partnership, and large-scale investments across the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. 

Presently in his career, Andrea Zanon is serving as the CEO of WeEmpower Capital, which he founded in early 2018. Operating in Washington D.C. and Rome, Empower Capital was established as a capital advisory, where corporations and financial institutions interested in accessing sustainable finance and smart tech can seek technology, financial, and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) advice. 

Additionally, since 2017, Andrea has been serving as Chairman of the We Empower Cities Foundation, which he founded in Washington D.C. Through his foundation, he’s partnered with over 100 global partners and investors in 14 countries – as well as the World Bank – to provide more than ten thousand women entrepreneurs with training, professional networking opportunities, mentorship, and early-stage capital. Andrea Zanon is also the Founder and Vice President of Earth Council Italia, based in Denver, Colorado in the United States. Through this organization, Andrea fundraised five million dollars to go towards climate change adaptation. 

Throughout Andrea’s career history, he’s consistently demonstrated his leadership abilities in several executive and founder roles. He served as the President and Head of the Crisis Unit for Amsterdam Strategic Advisors for two years, operating out of Washington D.C. Prior to that role, he spent nearly a decade with the World Bank Group serving as the Resilience Head for the Middle East and North Africa. Andrea Zanon has also worked as an Investment Officer for Albright Capital Management, founded Aroma Italia Food Consulting, where he served as the COO, and founded Gimmy-Lee Co, where he served as Vice President of Sales. 

Setting the foundation for his career was Andrea Zanon’s education. An educated scholar, Andrea is fluent in his native Portuguese as well as English, French, Spanish, and Italian. He attended the University of Bologna in Italy, where he earned his Bachelor’s degree with distinction in Philosophy and History. From there, his education took him to Spain, where he graduated with distinction again from the University of Salamanca with his Master’s degree in Philosophy and History. Later, Andrea attended Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. in the United States, where he earned his Master of Science in Foreign Science (MSFS). 

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