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All types of brands, from small businesses to billion-dollar corporations, are increasing the visibility of their sustainability campaigns. This is the result of increased climate change, unfair foreign labor practices, and many other global problems. Numerous issues involve society, the environment, and the government and have forced more entrepreneurs to reconsider their own practices.

Expand on recycling
There are different forms of recycling that go beyond the plain paper. Most offices have only one paper recycling bin because most office workers only use paper. However, there is a need to recycle other types of materials in other workplaces. Workers can benefit from additional recycling bins for metal, glass, or plastic materials at a manufacturing plant. 

Align sustainability with policy
A company’s policies and procedures must align with its sustainability efforts. It wouldn’t make sense for a company to promote paper recycling but have a policy that promotes the distribution of paper catalogs or brochures. First, it’s important to make sure that the business can adhere to the rules and techniques that it promotes. 

Focus on compliance
Focus on the environmental standards and regulations that most businesses are expected to adhere to. Each year, numerous governments and organizations release new rules about energy efficiency, pollution, waste management, and other sustainability topics. Follow the compliance standards to follow the law and prevent costly fines. To increase public awareness of sustainability, become legally compliant to obtain the public’s trust and act as role models for other companies.

Practice environmental, social, and governance ideals
Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) is a system that more business owners are incorporating into their company’s policies and strategies. It is a scoring system that allows companies to check their progress with sustainability. A company can review the environmental, social, and governance factors that they need to reduce their negative impact on climate change, improve workplace health and promote a more sustainable and inclusive community.

Investors and consumers trust companies that make conscious efforts toward sustainability and inclusiveness. Every business has practices that are detrimental to the environment and to laborers in their native and foreign countries and these should be amended.. So every entrepreneur should find ways to teach good values to the community and practice the values that they teach in the workplace.