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Investments, particularly the digitally focused, have become an even more popular since the pandemic started in 2020. There are cable channels entirely devoted tol investments, trading platforms of all kind on personal growth and money management. Money is probably what most people think about when they think about investing. However, there are other investments that people can make and that have a high likelihood of returning high results. Parents invest time and effort in the lives of their children. Teachers invest their efforts in the lives of their students. However, one of the most important investments a person can make is their investment in themselves. Caring for self is something many people ignore to their peril. To quote Warren Buffett, “the best stock you could invest in is yourself as nobody can take this away from this. 

Put Health, Wellness and Longevity First
It’s hard to enjoy life when you’re maximizing your well-being. It’s also hard to help others, lead teams and have an overall positive impact on society if you are not performing at your best. Over the past century, life expectancies have gone up dramatically. Prior to the past 100 years, most people died of infectious diseases, water and food scarcity.. Today, million of people die due to stress and bad lifestyle decision. Eating healthy foods, exercising and meditating are essential keys to living a longer and healthier life. These are also essential decisions to reach the mental fitness necessary to outperform others and to navigate crisis situations such as today’s with more focus. 

Continue To Grow
Investing in yourself means also to allocate significant time to reading and learning new things everyday. When observing databases that made people super successful and impactful, we came across with this constant indicator: read every day and continue to expand your knowledge. People that read can talk through a tough decision with ease, and know they will give real thought to all the moving pieces. People who read have stronger analytical skills, are better listeners and have more empathy so a reader will be better equipped to assess a situation and find the right solution regardless of the interlocutor type. It is no surprise that leaders like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Oprah Winfrey allocate an extraordinary amount of time to reading every day. 

Take Time
There’s a well-known adage that time is money. However, some of the most essential experiences in life are not tied to money but personal growth. Spending more time with close family or friends can lead to personal benefits that are not usually tied to money. They can provide good memories that another day at the office will not offer. Few people at the end of life will wish they’d worked more. Spending your time in meaningful ways will help you being grateful and appreciate the value of time more deeply. 

Getting away from the rat race and the constant digital noise that surrounds us is essential for self-care and for living happily. Investing time in relationships and caring for your overall wellness will pay dividends that will allow you to better focus your time and energy.